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Welcome all to Adventures of One Piece!

Construct your very own character, plot out your courses, and set sail to become the best of the best. Travel across the seas to become the best pirate or Marine and destroy all who threaten you. Be sure to build up your crews with only those who you are able to trust and become the finest.

Good luck and have fun out there!

Travel the world of One Piece in your own way.
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 Special Events

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PostSubject: Special Events   Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:27 pm

Special Event: Beli Bonus Week

Event Details: During a single week, members can receive free Beli that can be used for anything the member desires. Sign in at the appropriate location, the Admin's Office, and make a request for a bonus on the appropriate day. Only one bonus can be received per day. If a day is missed, the bonus cannot be claimed later. 

Event Starts: 8/8/2016 
Event Ends: 8/14/2016

Monday: 500 Beli
Tuesday: 500 Beli
Wednesday: 1000 Beli
Thursday: 1500 Beli
Friday: 1500 Beli
Saturday: 2500 Beli
Sunday: 5000 Beli

Location: Admin's Office

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Special Events
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