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Travel the world of One Piece in your own way.
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Taeko Oracle

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PostSubject: Oracle, Taeko (WIP)   Oracle, Taeko (WIP) EmptyThu Aug 04, 2016 10:33 pm

Character Template
Character Name: Oracle Taeko
Alias | Epithet: Blooming Rookie
Race:  Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: November 22nd
Starting Sea: North Blue

Primary Occupation: Martial Artist
Secondary Occupation: Cook
Class: Genius

Affiliation: Pirate
Rank: D

General Appearance: Taeko has striking eyes with thick lashes and brows. Her skin is fairly pale unless under warm light, causing her boldly colored hair to stand out as her most predominant feature.  Taeko commonly wears bracelets on her wrists .  Her favorite piece to wear is a golden shield shaped amulet hanging from a sturdy black silken cord. As for attire, Taeko typically wears plain and simple clothing, particularly white dresses made from cotton, as they are easy to move around in and not flashy.  All her dresses are tied at the waist with either a belt, a wound black cord, or another thick strip of fabric, typically white.  Other than the black, criss-crossing leg wraps that reach from her ankles to the bottom of her knees, over her calves she typically doesn’t wear any clothing upon her legs, especially shoes.  Her body type is rather slim, and she can seem willowy simply because of her height.. Taeko has multiple markings upon her body such as “The Hoof of the Soaring Dragon” branded on her back, she commonly hides this with her dress. She also has a tattoo of a lilac upon her right calf which is generally hidden by her leg wrappings.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 123lbs
Hair: A dark pink color that she ties into two pigtails
Eyes: Dark pink
Crew Tattoo: If she were to get a crew tattoo she would have it located on her upper right arm

Personality: A sociable person, Taeko is typically one whom enjoys to meet new people and talk with them. She can be rather loud yet somewhat kind although she tends blunter due to her honest nature as well as the fact she believes being tough can make a person stronger. Taeko is a bit impatient, and is more direct and straightforward rather than being vague. When she is insulted, she simply laughs it off as if she doesn't care when it makes her self-conscious. Commonly she views life from a realistic standpoint as her perspective can be considered both bleak and hopeful at the same time, normally depending on what situation she is in.

Normally she isn’t the most punctual person, normally being distracted by other things. However she isn’t a procrastinator due to choice, but rather she is distracted incredibly easily. She tends to have a short attention span, zoning out when she doesn’t feel like listening or simply due to boredom from lack of interest. Courageous would be another word to describe Taeko as she isn’t afraid to face danger head-on. Although she is courageous, she isn’t reckless but more cautious as she has no desire to find herself in a sticky situation. Taeko is a mix between being hot headed as well as calm as she has her moments.

When someone causes her eye in a romantic sense she tends to act nervous around them, and attempts to spend as much time as she possibly could with the said person and attempts to slowly befriend the said person, although she normally fails due to her nervousness. Her attraction seems to be more in the emotional manner rather than lust as she simply wants to become closer to the said person. Taeko generally prefers those whom have good personalities rather than those whom are beautiful as she believes that personality matters more than beauty.

All in all, Taeko doesn’t feel pleasure in hurting others, even her enemies. However she does what is necessary and what others ask her to do, within reason of course. She normally approaches a fight with an uneasy feeling if there is something on the line, however her mood becomes slightly more light-hearted when it is simply a small spar rather a battle to the death. She is a mix between a strategist and a person who acts on the spot as her mind can think very quickly and the fact she can remain calm even in the direst situation.


  • Food: Besides the fact she is a cook, Taeko loves food due to the fact that she had learned to appreciate food as she had once went through a time where she almost never had enough food which made develop a certain love for it (and she can be quite gluttonous at times as well)
  • Sunshine: The warm rays of the sun, the fact that the sea would most likely not be very stormy, and the way it chases away the darkness provides her with a sense of security that she commonly lacks as well as the promise that everything will be ok no matter how bad the situation she is in is.
  • Sleeping: Taeko’s favorite pastime when she has nothing else to do as she has the ability to fall asleep at will. She enjoys sleeping as it allows her to enter her fantasy world where everything goes into her favor. She also finds it as a bonus that it can replenish her energy after a long hard day.


  • World Government: As they are the faction whom sent her life spiraling downwards. Taeko holds an intense hatred for the world government and most of the people whom had been corrupted by their terrible influence as she has been tortured by them in the past. However despite holding an intense hatred towards the world government she has no desire to overthrow them.
  • Footwear: Shoes, socks, pretty much any type of footwear Taeko dislikes as she generally thinks that they are a hindrance for her attacks as well as movement as she thinks it weighs her down. She also normally finds them to be quite uncomfortable for her to wear after she spent most of her life going barefoot.
  • Alcohol: Taeko commonly dislikes Alcoholic drinks as they taste rather bitter and in a sense rotten to her as it had been fermented. She also dislikes being drunk as it makes her very vulnerable for attacks as well as it can make her do embarrassing things most of the time


  • Darkness: Where she can’t see anything and when she feels the most vulnerable. She is afraid of the dangers that lurk in the dark as well as the fact she feels totally helpless in this sort of situation as she cannot see anything and what dangers may pounce on her.
  • Slavery: After spending many years as a slave, Taeko fears to become a slave due to the abuse she suffered. Once she had earned her freedom to be a person,  she fears for her freedom and happiness to be taken once again and she would have to serve yet another ruthless person
  • Celestial Dragons: Despite the fact she also harbors a strong hate towards them, she also holds fear as they were her masters once and she suffered much emotional and psychical pain from them which left a permanent mark upon her as a form of fear she constantly feels despite how much she tries to mask her fear with hate


  • Revenge: One of Taeko's main motivations would be to get revenge on her mother as she is the cause for the downfall of her life. It would be a dream of her to get revenge on her, even if it means she has to become allies with one of her greatest enemies she would be willing to do so as long as it means her mother's twisted sense of justice will come to the end.
  • Legacy: Taeko's other main motivation would be to continue what her father started before his death. She wishes to become the Pirate King (Queen) in order to leave her mark on the world and to fulfill her father's wishes in being the strongest pirate in the world.

Her Past:
Face Claim: {Morgiana | Magi}
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Oracle, Taeko (WIP)
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