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 Personal Story Arcs

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PostSubject: Personal Story Arcs   Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:22 am

Personal Story Arcs

Personal Story Arcs, PSA for short, are defining chapters in your character’s development. The intent of Personal Story Arcs is to further characters’ storylines and show what they are becoming. They can be used for various purposes-- obtaining Devil Fruits, growing up, forming crews, and other plot related subjects. I might do a PSA to outline my most important and life-changing adventures. Whatever happens in a PSA is dependent on the one who makes them. Go on your wildest adventures and have fun, but be aware of some things regarding Personal Story Arcs. Remember to post in the Admin’s Office about the progression of your PSA. These are always monitored, like other parts of the RP, to make sure that everything goes along fairly.


Multiple chapters are involved in a single PSA. Some may only complete a few, but others will go on to create many more. In total, there are 12 chapters that can be done per volume. For the chapter to be whole, it must contain a minimum of 5000 words. You are looking at 60,000 words. It looks like a lot, and seems like too much work, but don’t pay attention to the number. Just let your creativity flow and you will be making an entire story for your characters.


As stated above, 12 chapters in a PSA can be done to create a volume. However many volumes can be created for a single character, it is up to the writer. But, having more will guarantee a lot of development and give your character a unique life.

Time Progression

1 Chapter = 1 Month
1 Volume = 1 Year

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Personal Story Arcs
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