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 Devil Fruit Roll

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit Roll   Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:55 pm

Devil Fruit Roll

Basic Rules

Any member can roll for a fruit, no matter what kind of progress was made. Members can be just starting out and still be able to try for one of the Devil Fruit. There are just a few rules that need to be followed when rolling.

  • Each roll costs one DF Ticket. These are automatically gained each month and are monitored by the Moderator in charge of rolls. If all tickets are used up, then there are no more roll chances until the next ticket comes in. Upon registering a character and getting it approved, one DF Ticket is awarded.
  • Members cannot pick which Devil Fruit to try for. This system is done completely by chance, so members get what they get. If you do not like what you get, sell the fruit or throw it back into circulation.
  • Members do not roll for themselves. The Mod in charge of this system is responsible for all rolls. 
  • Once a roll has been done and the member receives their Devil Fruit, post in the Admin's office in the Help Desk forum to notify them so that it may be recorded.

What can you roll for?

So, what are your choices? There are three different types of Devil Fruits that a member can try for. Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Within each type, there are a number of fruits. The Moderator rolls once to determine which type you will receive, and a second time to determine which fruit you may have. There will be a third roll only if the type is Zoan due to the models.
First Roll: Type

Second Roll: Devil Fruit

Third Roll (if Zoan): Model

As you make a request for a roll, please give us the number of DF Tickets in your possession for the Mod to keep track. The results will be posted back here.

DF Ticket: Short for Devil Fruit Ticket. One ticket is given each month to every member for a chance to roll for a Devil Fruit. These can be stored for later use if a member does not wish to use the ticket they have gotten right away. The purpose of a DF Ticket is to avoid spamming of the roll system. 

Roll Template:

Donquixote Indigo | Stats | Crew | Theme
Bounty:-      Profession:-
Home:-     Cursed Fruit:-
Fighting Style:-
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Devil Fruit Roll
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