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Haki System

For several years, Haki has been known as a mysterious power that lies dormant in all creatures of the world. Most never notice it, nor do they succeed in awakening it. It is known by some that there are a total of three types of Haki that can be learned. The first two are relatively common, but the third remains to be extremely rare to this day. To put it simply, Haki is the ability to sense spiritual energy, use life force, and overpower foes standing in the way. 

Training Haki

Training your Haki is a very simple concept. It is done just like stat training with little differences. The requirements for training all three types of Haki are the same, so there is no real complication with it. This brief guide is here to help you for if and when you have received your Haki.
Haki Training Requirements:

Kenbunshoku Haki  Color of Observation Haki

This form of Haki gives the user the ability to sense the presence of other people in the area, even if they conceal themselves from view. It can also be used to help predict an opponent's moves before they act out, if the user of the Haki has trained properly. Of course, with these benefits, there are also drawbacks that the user must face. For example, with the ability to better predict attacks, random attacks cannot be predicted. 
Kenbunshoku Tiers:

Kenbunshoku Strengths

  • Enhanced presence detection.
  • Enhanced movement prediction.
  • +2 to Reaction Speed.
  • Sense and empathize with emotions.
  • Sense the strengths of others.

Kenbunshoku Drawbacks

  • Follow-up attacks are harder to predict.
  • Cannot detect energy signatures if they hide within larger ones.
  • Does not enhance movement speed.
  • Falters when there are distractions.
  • Loss of concentration results in failure of the Haki.

Busoshoku Haki • Color of Arms Haki

This form of Haki allows for the user to use their spiritual life force to create an armor around their bodies in order to better endure attacks. But, should an attack of significant force be used against the user of this Haki, it can still harm them. Busoshoku Haki hardens the body and/or limbs, creating an "ultimate" defense. If one learns this Haki, it is possible to infuse it into other techniques for more effective attacks.
Busoshoku Tiers:

Busoshoku Strengths

  • Enhanced defensive capabilities.
  • Can be combined with various techniques for effective assaults.
  • +2 to Endurance.
  •  Works independently from Devil Fruit powers.
  • Can be combined with Devil Fruit powers to enhance them.

Busoshoku Drawbacks

  • Cannot be equipped on attacks that do not originate from the user's body.
  • Is not compatible with Logia type powers.
  • Cannot be infused into substances like fire or water.
  • If two users of this Haki clash, the one with greater mastery is victorious.
  • Extensive use of Busoshoku may result in temporary loss of the Haki or death.

Haoshoku Haki • Conqueror's Haki

This form of Haki is extremely rare, and has been known by less than a handful of people throughout history. Unlike the other two forms, Haoshoku cannot be obtained through training and must be rolled for. It allows the user to exert their willpower over others to induce fear and knock them back, away from the user. It has been said that whoever possesses Haoshoku Haki, possesses the qualities of a king.
Haoshoku Tiers:

Haoshoku Strengths

  • The ability to exert willpower on others.
  • Domination over those with weaker wills.
  • Can use the ability on several individuals, if mastered.
  • Can be used to render someone unconscious.
  • Can be used to destroy objects, such as ships.

Haoshoku Drawbacks

  • Inexperienced users are restricted to overpowering the will of one person.
  • Those with strong enough wills can resist and possibly overpower the affects.
  • Advantages only affect weak-willed people, those with low power.
  • Affects wear off after two posts.

Stamina Usage

Just as normal abilities do, Haki drains the user's stamina every time it is used. Constant use of Haki can be very exhausting to the body, requiring the user to have a considerable amount of stamina. If used recklessly, there could be serious consequences. For example, severe fatigue, loss of Haki, and possibly death. The costs of stamina increase with every time a character increases their rank.
Stamina Costs:

Exhaustion: After your stamina has dropped down to 20% from excessive Haki use, the user's body is put into an exhausted state where rest is an absolute need and they cannot attack until 10% has been restores.
Roll Chances:

Rolls for Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki must be done by a member with Moderator status. Rolls for Haoshoku Haki must be done by a staff member with Administrator status.

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Haki System
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