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 Fighting Styles System

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PostSubject: Fighting Styles System   Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:16 pm

Fighting Styles System

As a Pirate or Marine, or simply a wanderer traveling the seas, it is possible to learn different techniques to fend for yourself. Anyone can learn any of these techniques at their own pace, but there are some rules that need to be followed. How many can be learned, what the tiers are, beli fees for learning, and how you can learn advanced styles.

  • Fighting Style Limit | All members are permitted to learn and master only five fighting styles. Special permission from an Admin must be received in order to learn any more.
  • Tiers | Similarly to other systems here, members strengthen their skills by raising their Tier level. There are five known tiers, each with varying strengths that you will need to be aware of before fighting in the RP. 
    Tier I: Maximum range an attack can reach is 10 meters, and a 5 meter radius.
    Tier II: Maximum range an attack can reach is 20 meters, and a 7 meter radius.
    Tier III: Maximum range an attack can reach is 30 meters, and a 10 meter radius.
    Tier IV: Maximum range an attack can reach is 40 meters, and a 12 meter radius.
    Tier V: Maximum range an attack can reach is 50 meters, and a 15 meter radius.
  • Beli Fees | Learning your first fighting style has no charge, but the techniques within the style all come at varying prices. Increasing the tiers also come at small fees, but nothing that drains your beli funds to where it can't be made up so easily. To find out about what the techniques cost, refer to the lists. 
    Tier I: No Fee.
    Tier II: 1000 Beli
    Tier III: 1500 Beli
    Tier IV: 2000 Beli
    Tier V: 3000 Beli

Training Tiers

Learning Style ~> Tier I | 500 words
Tier I ~> Tier II | 1500 words
Tier II ~> Tier III | 2500 words
Tier III ~> Tier IV | 3500 words
Tier IV ~> Tier V | 6000 words

Hand-to-Hand Styles

Black Leg Style

  • Black Leg Style: Many years ago, the Black Leg Style was created by a pirate known as Sanji of the Vinsmoke Family. The martial arts technique is used to utilize only the legs in combat to prevent the hands and arms from being damaged. This fighting style features a wide array of kicking techniques that can be learned by anyone choosing to specialize in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Diable Jambe: Upon reaching Tier V of the Black Leg Style, the Diable Jambe becomes available for learning. The user super heats either of their legs to burning temperatures and utilizes powerful kicks. If the conditions are right, it is possible to set fire to targets and the environment. 

Fishman Style

  • Fishman Karate: While the Fishmen people have faded from existence over the past years, pieces of their culture have survived. This includes their unique fighting styles. It is a style that utilizes various forms and shapes of water during attacks, proving to be quite deadly. Fishman Karate doesn't have to be used in the water only, but it can be devastating when used in such a way. 
  •  Fishman Jujutsu: Upon reaching Tier V of the Fishman Style, it becomes possible to learn the next level-- Fishman Jujutsu. This advanced fighting style revolves around manipulating the water as if it were a solid material. It is still unknown how this was made possible, but it proves to be a great advantage when fighting in and around large bodies of water. 

Kenpo Style

  • Okama Kenpo: The Okama Kenpo style is an array of mostly kicking techniques revolving around ballet dancing. It is a rather unique form of martial arts, as it uses ballet poses rather than anything else. To be able to use Okama Kenpo, one must know ballet and karate.
  • Newkama Kenpo: Upon reaching Tier V of the Kenpo Style, it becomes possible to learn Newkama Kenpo. This advanced form of Okama Kenpo focuses more on punches, but contains plenty of kicking techniques. 

Mutoryu Style

  • Mutoryu: The "No Sword Style" that can be utilized if the user is without any weapons. It was not a widely used style centuries ago, but newer techniques are being formed by practitioners who use Mutoryu. This style completely lacks cutting force, but can cause great damage with blunt force.
  • Mutoryu: Meimei: A new form of the Mutoryu Style that can be learned upon reaching Tier V of the Mutoryu Style. The user acts as though they are holding an invisible sword and performs slashes to inflict slashing damage from an "invisible" sword. 

Rokushiki Style

  • Geppo: The first of the six Rokushiki techniques that can be learned. Geppo allows for the user to jump on air itself, and it makes it possible to travel the distance without touching the ground. But, not everyone can go to great distances, unless they train this style more.
    Tier I: 10 meters
    Tier II: 20 meters
    Tier III: 30 meters
    Tier IV: 40 meters
    Tier V: 50 meters
  • Tekkai: The second of the six Rokushiki techniques that can be learned. Tekkai hardens the user's muscles to the level of iron, to reduce and/or nullify damage taken from attacks. But, it does not make them immune to everything. If activated, the user cannot move until the technique is deactivated.
  • Shigan: The third of the six Rokushiki techniques that can be learned. Shigan can be used quickly and accurately by users, and becomes extremely deadly when trained. It is used at close-quarters, where the user plunges their index finger into a point on the target's body as though it were a bullet. 
  • Rankyaku: The fourth of the six Rokushiki techniques that can be learned. It is a projectile technique that utilizes kicks at high speeds and strength. The results being sharp, compressed air blades that can slice objects and damage the human body.
  • Soru: The fifth of the six Rokushiki techniques that can be learned. This style allows for high speed movement solely used for avoiding attacks. The leg strength used is explosive, making it seem like the user disappears into a blur. This technique cannot be used inside of battle. It can only be used to escape from PvP situations.
  • Kami-e: The sixth Rokushiki technique that can be learned. This technique causes for the user's body to go limp, giving it more agility for dodging attacks that are equal to or one rank higher than the user's speed rank.
  • Rokuogan: If those who learn Rokushiki get the six techniques up to Tier III, it becomes possible to learn the Rokuogan. This is the ultimate Rokushiki technique that can only be used if one has gained considerable skill with the other six. By placing their fists in front of them, the user can fire powerful shock waves in a forward direction only. If used at point blank, internal injuries are inflicted.
    Point Blank: Internal organs are ruptured, fatally.
    20 - 30 meters away: Target receives 1-2 inch lacerations and is knocked back another 10 meters.
    40+ meters: Target receives 1 - 1.5 inch lacerations on their body and is knocked back 5 meters.

Hasshoken Style

  • Hasshoken: First passed down through the Chinjao Family, the Hasshoken Style controls vibrations around their limbs to generate shock waves. The shock waves are powerful enough to inflict great damage on men of great size and shatter iron shields, should it be trained and mastered.
  • Kōtei no Hasshoken: Upon reaching Tier V of the Hasshoken Style, it is possible to learn the advanced form of Hasshoken. This advanced form makes it possible for the user to create massive shock waves around their whole body to damage multiple targets and destroy surroundings.

Ryusoken Style

  • Ryusoken: This style the user utilizes focuses on piercing damage. The user holds their fingers on either hand in a claw-fashion to resemble a dragon's claws-- index and middle finger together, ring and pinkie together, and thumb by itself. Limbs can be crushed with the powerful grip of this style. And, damage to the head can possibly be severe.
  • Hageshī Ryusoken: The advanced form of Ryusoken that can be learned after reaching Tier V of the Ryusoken Style. Those who master this style can have their bodies enveloped in a dragon-like aura to imbue fear in their foes. The power used is great and of crushing force. 

Sword Styles

Santoryu Style

  • Santoryu: This sword style is where the user utilizes three swords to fight in combat. One in the mouth, and one in each hand. This allows for a complex, but more effective sword-fighting among swordsmen.
  • Saikō Santoryu: Upon reaching Tier V of the Santoryu Style, it becomes possible to learn the advanced form. Just as its previous style, the user utilizes three swords to fight. They imbue their souls into their attacks, giving them greater power than before.

Nitoryu Style

  • Nitoryu: This sword style is where the user utilizes only two swords to fight in combat, providing a greater advantage for swordsmen when fighting more than one opponent. 
  • Saikō Nitoryu: The advanced form of Nitoryu that can be learned upon reaching Tier V of the Nitoryu Style. Those who learn this form imbue their souls into their attacks to deliver more powerful attacks.

Ittoryu Style

  • Ittoryu: This sword style is where the user utilizes a single sword in combat. While it can be difficult facing multiple enemies with one sword, it grants the user great flexibility.
  • Saikō Ittoryu: Upon reaching Tier V of the Ittoryu Style, the user is able to learn the advanced form. Those who learn this style can imbue their souls into their swords to bring about a peerless, sword-wielding might.

Kyutoryu Style

  • Kyutoryu: The Kyutoryu Style has barely survived as a fighting style due to it being impossible for countless swordsmen to learn. Because of this, it cannot be a starting fighting style and requires 10000 words to learn. In addition to that, the user must have learned Ittoryu, Nitoryu, and Santoryu beforehand. The user awakens their inner spirit, granting "bodily extensions" to create a nine-sword style. 
  • Asura no Gekido: Kyutoryu: Upon reaching Tier V of the Kyutoryu Style, it becomes possible to learn the advanced form of the style. The user enters their Kyutoryu state, but with a more demonic appearance and higher amounts of power. 

Fencing Style

  • Tsue Ken Sutairu: Apart of the Fencing Style is the Cane Sword Style. Various styles have been developed over the years, but this style is the only one that has been notable in history. It has no advanced forms or any other variations as of right now. But, it is still an efficient fighting style that can be mastered.

Samurai Style

  • Kitsunebi-ryu: The Kitsunebi-ryu style is an ancient sword style used by samurai. It allows for the user to generate, attack with, and cut with fire imbued in their swords. If it is used right, this style can prove to be quite deadly.
  • Honōnoken: Upon reaching Tier V of the samurai style, Kitsunebi-ryu, it becomes possible to use this advanced sword style. The user's sword becomes pure fire and generates powerful attacks to burn and incinerate targets. It is also strong enough to cause significant destruction to the environment.

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Fighting Styles System
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