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Construct your very own character, plot out your courses, and set sail to become the best of the best. Travel across the seas to become the best pirate or Marine and destroy all who threaten you. Be sure to build up your crews with only those who you are able to trust and become the finest.

Good luck and have fun out there!

Travel the world of One Piece in your own way.
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 Crew | Team System

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PostSubject: Crew | Team System   Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:40 am

Crews and Teams

Crews, or teams, are going to be seen throughout the RP as a recurring element. They are members who voluntarily come together, or are those who have been drafted together, for the purpose of working together for a similar goal. The crew could be a band of pirates, or a team of Marines. Maybe even bounty hunters who found loyalty in one another. 

Pirate Crews

Pirate crews can be formed at any point in an RP adventure. They can take on quests as an entire crew, or send off individuals to get certain jobs done. What happens with the treasures obtained from adventures is determined by the Captain of the crew. 


  • Captain - Commands the whole crew as the leader and determines the course of action taken by the crew. 
  • First Mate - The crew's second-in-command who handles all responsibilities if the Captain is unavailable. Typically oversees the work of other crew members. Appointed by the Captain.
  • Navigator - Charts the ship's course across the seas and keeps it on course.
  • Cook - Prepares the crew's meals and makes sure the ship's kitchen is fully stocked for adventures.
  • Doctor - Tends to the injuries of fellow crew members and treats the sickly as best they can. 
  • Gunner - Mans and maintains the ship's cannons and artillery. This crew member must be, at least, a Rank D in marksmanship. 
  • Shipwright - Handles ship repairs with carpentry skills if there is any damage taken.

To have a proper crew, pirates need a few things. A Jolly Roger, crew members, ships, and funds for keeping high stocks. The intended captain of the crew must go through the process of registering the crew by filling out the appropriate template. They must contact other members through OOC or IC methods, if they are interested, to fill in any empty positions. And, they must purchase a ship with their own funds, and raise funds for arming the vessel. It sounds like a lot to do, but the able will easily manage.

Crew Template

Jolly Roger: {Insert Image}
Crew Name: {Self-Explanatory}
Captain: {Leader of the Crew}
Crew Members: {All members being recruited and their positions}
Bounty: {Total bounty of each member added together}
Link: {Link to where the crew is/was being formed}


The way Marines are brought together is much different than Pirates. Characters who are registered as Marines are drafted into different divisions by the head Marine, the Commander-in-Chief (or an Admin if one is not available). To be drafted into a division, members must post in the Marine Headquarters where the administration is handled. A roster will be posted by the Commander-in-Chief, detailing the characters within each division.

One vessel is granted to each Division for free, but all maintenance and funding must be handled by those in charge. If another vessel is needed, the funds come out of the pocket of the lead official of the Division or unit. 

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Crew | Team System
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